Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Riders

These General Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions applying to and governing the usage of the Allcy app - which connects Riders with taxi drivers to help them move around cities more efficiently.

The term "us" or "we" refers to the Allcy Services owner of the Allcy app. In order to use Allcy app Riders must agree to the terms and conditions that are set out below:

1. Using the Allcy app

Allcy provides an information society service and does not provide transport services. Transport services are provided by drivers under a contract (with you) for the carriage of Riders. Drivers provide transport services on an independent basis (either in person or via a company) as professional service providers. Disputes arising from consumer rights, legal obligations or from law applicable to the provision of transport services will be resolved between the Riders and drivers. Data regarding the drivers and their transport service will be available in the Allcy app.

Using the Allcy app, rider can choose whether to pay the driver for the transport service or use Allcy Credit Card Payment. Charges are according to the Legal Taxi Meter the taxi driver is using.

Allcy acts as commercial agent for the providers of the transport services. Customer obligation to the provider of the transport service will be fulfilled when the payment order is given.

When making payments by Allcy Credit Card Payment, Allcy receives your payments and forwards money to the driver.

Allcy is not responsible for possible third-party payment costs (e.g. mobile operators, bank fees). These service providers may charge you additional fees when processing payments in connection with the Allcy Payment. Allcy is not responsible for any such fees and disclaims all liability in this regard. Your payment method may also be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the applicable third-party payment service provider; please review these terms and conditions before using your payment method.

Resolution of disputes related to Allcy App Payment is provided by support service service@allcy.com. Inquiries submitted by e-mail or Allcy App will receive a response within two business day. Allcy will resolve Allcy App Payment related complaints and applications within four business days.

2. Ordering and cancelling transport services

If rider order a transport service and the driver has agreed to undertake the job then the transport service is considered to be ordered. Once a driver confirms that he/she will complete the journey, rider will enter into a separate agreement with the driver for the provision of the journey on such terms and conditions as rider agrees with the driver. Allcy does not provide journeys and is not a party to rider’s agreement with the relevant driver.

Cancelling the use of an ordered transport service is considered to be the situation where the driver has replied to your request and you subsequently reject, cancel or refuse the transport service. When a transport service request is cancelled after certain time period you are required to pay a cancellation fee.

When driver notifies the Rider about the arrival of the vehicle to its destination and Rider or people for whom the transport was ordered do not arrive at the vehicle within certain time period as specified in the App app, the request will be deemed cancelled. If driver may decide to cancel your request, Allcy is not responsible for such situations.

Once the driver arrives and sends a notification that he/she has arrived Allcy app may begin charging fare on a waiting time basis according to legal rates provided.

Any damage to the driver’s vehicle or its furnishing, gives the driver the right to require compensation. If rider refuse to compensate the damage, Allcy may pursue the claims on behalf of the provider of the transport service.

3. Liability

Allcy app is a communications service between Riders and drivers, and cannot guarantee or take any responsibility for the quality or the absence of defects in the provision of transport services. As the usage of Allcy app for requesting transport services depends on the behavior of the drivers, Allcy does not guarantee that you will always have offers available for the provision of the transport services.

Allcy app does not offer services for Riders and is not a transport agency service. It is used to connect riders and drivers for the provision of a transport.

The consumer’s right of refund is not applied to Allcy app orders. Requesting a refund from the transport service does not withdraw you from the agreement in the course of which the provision of the transport service was ordered.

Allcy app is provided on an "as is" and “as available” basis. Allcy does not represent, warrant or guarantee that access to Allcy app will be uninterrupted or error free. In case of any faults in the software, we will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that the functioning of the app may be restricted due to occasional technical errors and we are not able to guarantee that the app will function at all times, for example a public emergency may result in a service interruption.

Allcy, its representatives, directors and employees are not liable for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of using Allcy app or the journey contracted for through Allcy app.

The financial liability of Allcy in connection with breach of the contract will be limited to 100 euros.

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